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Our office uses only the latest and most advanced FDA approved and state of the art equipment for testing.


About Us

Dr. Tinoosh has been recognized as one of America’s Top Ophthalmologists by the Consumers’ Research Council of America. Furthermore, Dr. Tinoosh was awarded the Centurion Surgeon and Quality of Vision award for his superior quality and expertise in the refractive surgery field. The Orange County Register’s public opinion poll rated his Orange County office #1, five years in a row. He is also a special certified surgeon, performing the WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser treatment on his patients. This procedure reshapes the cornea to address both lower and higher order aberrations; therefore he treats more than just one prescription. The main goal in using the WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser is to give patients the highest quality of vision possible. This is done by the EX500’s built-in flexibility to expand the surgeons refractive capabilities.

One of the most experienced ophthalmologists in California specializing in refractive surgery, Dr. Tinoosh has performed over 40,000 procedures and his main focus is the quality of his results rather than the quantity of procedures. In fact, only about 1.5% of his patients require a secondary or post-treatment. Dr. Tinoosh’s low re-treatment data and technique have been published in the Medical Journal, Ocular Surgery News in March 2006 National publication. He credits his impeccable results in the refractive surgery field to his technique, experience, special care for his patients, and use of the most advanced FDA approved technology available today.

Farnoosh Tinoosh M.D.


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Our Patients Say It Best

John Mills
08:05 02 Jun 23
Dr. Tinoosh is phenomenal, I wish I would have found him sooner!I strongly recommend him to anyone trying to find a fantastic eye doctor.Based on my experience. I had dealt with a vision group before, that other group was Atlantis that now rebranded as Azul, who are just terrible at their job. The Azul group only would drag out appointments and misdiagnose, as well as over charge insurance and other patients. Just to name an example of how bad this other group was, they had misdiagnosed me by giving me glasses instead of seeing that I actually needed cataract surgery.I found this out once I visited Dr. Tinoosh, which I’m super glad I did. He set me up with all the procedures and I had pterygium removal, and cataract surgery with him. Now my vision is better than 20/20 at 20/15.When I say I wish I would have found him sooner is because I really wish I hadn’t wasted so much time with those other vision groups that don’t care about patients.Dr. Tinoosh really cares about his patients and goes above and beyond with his decades of experience and expertise.Just to highlight why he’s such a good doctor, a year back, I lost my right field of vision with a sudden migraine and I didn’t know what was going on. I went to the ER and got discharged after some tylenol. It didn’t feel right so I came to Dr. Tinoosh, and he wasted no time to give me a field vision test and came to a realization that I had right sided hemianopsia. He urgently warned me to go get diagnosed with neurology asap because it was a precursor to a possible stroke. Advised me to take baby aspirin to prevent things from getting worse. Not even the actual neurologist that I was seeing (Dr. Ignacio Carrillo Nuñez who is a failure as a neurologist.) saw my problem that Dr. Tinoosh was already foreseeing. I just couldn’t believe how knowledgeable Dr. Tinoosh is and how caring he really is for his patients.This is why I strongly and very highly recommend Dr. Farnoosh Tinoosh to anyone that needs a good eye doctor.
Amin Parva
21:23 10 Oct 22
I had my LASIC surgery with him!!! Best experience that I could have! He spend enough time to explain the procedure and now my vision is 20/16 better than 20/20!
Vida Nourani Delshad
00:35 22 Jul 22
Christina Martinez
07:13 03 Jul 22
I was very pleased at how everyone in the office treated me with great professionalism and friendliness. I felt very comfortable and everyone was very kind to answer any questions I had. Dr. Tinoosh took the time to explain everything about my exam. I am happy to be a patient there and will gladly refer to my family and friends. Thank you!
Allen Moshfegh
01:38 03 Jul 22
Ellie Salehi
14:45 01 Jul 22
Farah k
08:16 03 Jun 22
Nimfa Sta Ana
03:03 03 Jun 22
Being in the medical field myself , I was fully pleased to see the office , the staff. and Dr. Tinoosh all compliant with the Covid precautions. The office is bright, airy and clean. The staff are courteous ,pleasant and attentive. They made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in. It's very convenient that you can order your eyeglasses right in there. My pair of eyeglasses were ready earlier than the estimated date of delivery. Overall it was a pleasant eye exam.
shawn taheri
23:40 02 Jun 22
Doctor Tinoosh is a knowledgeable, caring, excellent physician. He spent plenty of time with me to explain and treat my eye problem. He has been available to see me when I needed him. Universal vision office staff are very nice , cordial, and accommodating. I was welcomed with a smile every time I visited the office. I highly recommend Doctor Tinoosh.
Tara Grayeli
23:56 02 May 22
03:58 28 Apr 22
sherry Rah
16:14 26 Apr 22
Mojgan Hajhariri
20:53 28 Mar 22
Samix H
19:55 25 Mar 22
DR Tinoosh has a lot of experience, he is my mother dr and we are happy with him .
Lucille Raymond
15:07 25 Mar 22
Dr. Tinoosh and staff are very professional and friendly. I feel comfortable having them take care of my eye needs.
Maryann Hutton
21:39 23 Mar 22
Daniel Garcia
18:27 08 Mar 22
Universal image is an immaculate facility. Plenty of space, clean and the Doctor is a great source of information and advice. They have a machine there that allowed me to see a picture of my retinas, which was incredible to see. This is your place for any eye related issue.
Fred Farah
17:44 22 Feb 22
Great attention to details and follow up
Mehrdad Shirazi
15:36 22 Feb 22
THIS WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Dr. Tinoosh and his staff are very professional, caring and knowledgeable. They treated my mom like family, and this is so important when undergoing a procedure that you're nervous about. Dr. Tinoosh took his time to examine my mom’s eyes and prioritized all her issues and planed for multiple surgeries in next few months. He went over all options and recommended what is the best way to address her Cataracts problem in the most cost-effective way. We are greatly apricate Dr. Tinoosh’s help and professionalism. Thank you.
sepideh nahavandi
03:25 22 Feb 22
ebrahim farhoumand
02:54 22 Feb 22
I appreciate Doctor Farnoosh Tinoosh his welcoming and friendly staff . He provided excenllent customer service and he explained every detail .I truly recommend his services .
Golrizeh Cutrer
00:45 19 Feb 22
Lachio Reyes
00:13 25 Jan 22
Very happy 🙂 with my results.
Nader Entezam
23:21 13 Jan 22
Moon Light
19:10 22 Dec 21
Amazing experience with the Dr. TINOOSH. Very professional and prepared. His staff is awesome.
Candace Todd-Rhorer
01:28 14 Dec 21
Most efficient office and eye care I have received! Already returned for the second year. Will get cataracts done through Dr. Tinoosh. The staff is amazing
Terrie Khosh
03:27 10 Dec 21
Very happy with Dr, he gave me my vision backRecommend very well
Tina Redjai
21:09 07 Dec 21
What can I say, that hasn’t already been said? Except that no doctor is perfect as they ‘practice’ medicine. However, Dr. Tinoosh comes pretty darn close and is in a league of his own. He knows his medicine, and he practices it with care and genuine concern for his patients. Honestly, Dr. Tinoosh and his staff are the best I’ve experienced. You won’t regret trusting your eyes to him and his staff. Go SEE him:)!
Ramin Redjai
20:57 07 Dec 21
Great service, staff and a very knowledgeable caring doctor.
Mo Mottahedan
23:49 01 Nov 21
He is up front and honest.I can see again when I wake up in the morning. By by contact lenses
Behdokht Madjidi
15:22 18 Oct 21
Az Am
15:06 18 Oct 21
Lena Kolar
09:30 11 Sep 21
Dr. Tinoosh performed LASIK surgery for my 19-year-old son, who had bad vision from the time he was a 5 year-old boy, wearing glasses for 14 years. Dr. Tinoosh is a truly-amazing miracle-worker! He fixed my son's eyes in 12 minutes, and now he can see better than me 20/15, even though my vision is very good 20/20. We are very deeply-grateful to Dr. Tinoosh for his incredible and amazing work & talent, and for my son's pristine, immaculate, and epic vision! Dr. Tinoosh is highly-skilled, very professional person, kind, compassionate, polite, with excellent bedside manners, 40,000+ successful eye surgeries performed, and 22 years of professional work experience. Dr. Tinoosh maintains a very fit and healthy lifestyle to keep his fabulous magic hands strong and steady, but gentle. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their eyes - you will be in great hands!
Marie Done
17:07 09 Sep 21
Each visit has been a great experience. Attentive, courteous staff, very little wait time, and doctor was very thorough. He took time to hear me out and answer questions and didn't feel rushed in any way. I highly recommend him.
Malcolm X Lostman
16:59 09 Sep 21
Marilyn Williams
16:21 09 Sep 21
Dr. Tinoosh is very knowledgeable, experienced and kind. He helps me feel at ease and has a great sense of humor. I'm having cataract surgery soon and am confident he will do a fine job. 😊
fariha naqshbandy
20:11 13 Jul 21
Dr. Tinoosh is one of the best doctors we know. My 90 year young mom has been seeing Dr Tinoosh for more than 10 years. Always had wonderful experience. Dr Tinoosh did two eye surgery on my mom and both surgery had great results.Great medical office, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Everyone is so nice, friendly and helpful.I recommend Dr Tinoosh to everyone
Frank Morady
09:48 13 Jul 21
Steven E. Nellesen
20:30 24 Jun 21
Dr Tinoosh is absolutely the best! We have been going to him for almost 20 years and have always received the finest care!
Ziba SAF
00:24 23 Jun 21
Soraya Bolouritabar
14:36 21 Jun 21
Dr Tinoosh is one of a kind. Very thoughtfulness,helpfulness,intelligent and caring. His staff are very kind and friendly with great customer service.
Mr M
12:44 20 Jun 21
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Tinoosh and the staff, where I had my eyes checked. A pleaseant experience of lestening to Dr Tinoosh about my eyes, where his service set a peace of mind. So thanks to all who took the time to share this kind service.
Dr. Tinoosh is very thorough in his examination and the staff is great to work for. I highly recommend.
Tai Ta
08:26 11 Jun 21
My eye doctor, Dr. Tinoosh, did a phenomenal job on my laser surgery. His explanations were detailed and simple, and he took great care of me throughout the process. The staff as well were extremely professional and kind at all visits. I definitely reccomend this medical center as it was personally a smooth and loving experience.
Hni Mhtshmi
23:09 10 Jun 21
hojabr montasser
22:46 10 Jun 21
Thank you Dr. Tinoosh and his most professional support staff not to mention Maryam who litterally always holds my hand and helps me out with all matters needed during and after surgery. Thank you all
Sina Sabeti
04:54 31 May 21
Dear Dr .Farnoosh Tinoosh.M.D.FThank you very much for your efforts inRecovery me and for providing theOpportunity to see the beauty ofGod Almighty better.I owe it to myself to thank and appreciate you, a specialist and committed physician🌺
Kristina Soleymanlou
21:09 27 May 21
Ramin Sadr
21:56 25 May 21
Great Dr. and Great Office Staff to work with!
Teresa Dearing
21:54 25 May 21
mobahmani mobahmani
16:30 13 May 21
The staff and Doctor Tinoosh were professionals and friendly people.I have Cataract issue on my eyes and will have the first surgery on my right eye on June 2nd. by Doctor Faroosh Tinoosh.
00:45 12 May 21
Farzad Alavi
02:08 06 May 21
Masoud Khojasteh
01:18 05 May 21
Alikhani Ed
19:23 04 May 21
Dr. Tinoosh & staffs in the office are the best!I got my Laser assisted Cataracts surgery done on my both eyes back in November 2020 by Dr. Tinoosh and my eye 👁 sites are better than ever!Tina, , Jessica, Alondra & Maryam are caring and very welcoming any time I had interaction with them.I was wearing prescriptions glasses 🤓 the past 20 years and so happy 😀 that I don’t need them anymore for reading or driving at all!I highly recommend universal Vision Medical Center to all my friends & Family. Thank you 🙏
Alvand Kumarsi
18:49 04 May 21
Mansour Rahat
03:53 09 Apr 21
Great doctor, nice staff.
Zahra Amirifard
05:25 17 Mar 21
Everybody in the office was friendly and the doctor put the enough time for me
Michael Madden
19:12 04 Mar 21
Dr. Tinoosh and his staff are very professional and helpful. I am very happy to have them.
John Urban
14:27 02 Mar 21
The front desk personnel are very efficient, likable and attractive. My exam was very through and complete. Seeing Dr. Tinoosh is always a pleasure with his fantastic and professional personality. The doctor is the most though doctor I know with his feed back and procedures. Great dresser too.
Quazi Safin
00:22 02 Mar 21
Very accommodating staff that works with you to help you. Clean, friendly, and professional experience overall.
Yoanna Mendoza
00:19 02 Mar 21
Meghan Carter
04:49 01 Mar 21
Very nice and friendly doctor with a sense of humor. He is great at what he does and he is very confident in his diagnosis which gives the patient peace of mind. #Honest, #Clean environment and friendly staff. Definitely recommend.
Domenica P
17:18 13 Feb 21
Thank you so much for my extremely successful lazik surgery. I am very grateful to be able to see without glasses. I was very nervous but everything went amazing and thank you for being patient and for replying all of my questions.
John Incognito
18:34 27 Jan 21
Absolutely first rate. I am very impressed with Dr Tinoosh and the entire staff. BRAVO!
Jay Linares
04:04 27 Jan 21
Friendly environment. Really helpful people work at this location. Looking forward for surgery day.
Nicole Zeidan
18:27 25 Jan 21
So happy with my experience there are wonderful people very helpful
Glenda Collins
18:14 25 Jan 21
Dr. Tinoosh and his delightful staff were awesome! You will be greeted with a very happy team, an excellent doctor, in a very clean and uplifting office. Do not trust your eyes to anyone else!! They are caring and efficient.
Farinoush Ghaneian
15:31 29 Dec 20
Jean Becker
20:33 30 Nov 20
Being nervous about having eye surgery I was immediately put to rest upon meeting Dr. Tinoosh. His knowledge along with his patience in explaining the procedure made me immediately comfortable and, he has a great sense of humor. Tina is excellent in all areas of the office and she is so compassionate and truly listens. They make a great team. All the rest of his staff are always friendly and helpful. My appointments also were always on time. Great experience 👁️👁️
21:17 20 Nov 20
Doctor’s assistant Maryam was very patient and kind. Explained all the procedure with detailVery clean and nicely decorated office. Doctor explained in detail the issue with graphics. Going back next month for mom’s surgery
Victoria Dimanovis
21:16 07 Nov 20
I have been seeing Dr. Tinoosh for over ten years, despite living an hour away from his clinic. He is a fantastic doctor, very professional and very knowledgeable. The Tinoosh staff are also very helpful, making the overall experience a genuine pleasure. Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Cheri Parkyn
03:11 05 Nov 20
The office was clean and open, the staff professional but friendly and the doctor excellent.
fernando martinez
05:49 04 Nov 20
His staff is great very easy to make an appointment and schedule the procedure. Everything went smoothly. My experience was great.
bahram reisi
23:40 03 Nov 20
I'm so glad find honest eye doctor finally .he is very nice Pearson , professional with magic fingers . also all ladies at this office work with dr. Tinoosh very kind and professional too . Thankyou to all .
Kimia N.
02:50 03 Nov 20
Informative doctor! I always come back for my annual eye exam.
Kaye Katz
02:40 03 Nov 20
Neat office environment, friendly staff and medical assistants knowledgeable and patient Doctor, overall I had great customer/ patient experience with this facility.
Arash Pouransafar
05:48 20 Mar 20
Hamid Hamadanchy
01:13 20 Mar 20
great Doctor. I have been going to him for he last 3 yers and he has been great.
Fred majdi
02:41 14 Feb 20
Maria Reverberi
05:54 13 Feb 20
Farnaz Omidvar
05:10 12 Feb 20
Myron Mota
00:23 12 Feb 20
00:11 12 Feb 20
The staffs and Dr. Tinoosh were all very nice and welcoming. They checked my eyes throughly. I’m happy to find out of my early results.
Rob Toaz
05:46 01 Feb 20
Dr. Tinoosh is an excellent doctor. When I needed cataract surgery in 2013, Dr. Tinoosh was referred to me by both my Ophthalmologist and Retinal Specialist because of his high precision in performing the surgery. My cataract surgery was very successful, and I continue to see Dr. Tinoosh for annual checkups. I would highly recommend Dr. Tinoosh. I fully trust his judgement in evaluating the health of my eyes.
Mehdi Vafaei
04:33 25 Jan 20
من يكي از بيماران مبتلا به كاتراك شديد بودم كه ساليان زيادي با اين بيماري مواجه بودم و چون در كاليفرنيا زندگي ميكردم و كار من ارتباط مستقيم با ديد چشم بود از اين رو هم در زندگي عادي و هم در درامد شغلي من تاثير زيادي داشت و تا قبل از مراجعه به دكتر طينوش به چندين دكتر چشم پزشك ديگر مراجعه كردم و همه انها به دليل هاي مختلف مرا معطل مي كردند و وقتي دليل را مي پرسيدم به من مشكل قبول نكردن وكاور نكردن ان را عنوان مي كردند وزماني كه به اداره بيمه مراجعه مي كردم انها به من مي گفتند شما از نظر بيمه هيچ مشكلي نداريد و وقتي دوباره به همان دكتر مراجعه مي كردم موضوع را عوض مي كردند و مشكل را كلينيك اعلام مي كردند و يا عناوين ديگر ،خلاصه كم كم داشتم نا اميد و سرد مي شدم كه اتفاقي تبليغ مجله ايي را مي ديدم كه با اگهي دكتر فرنوش طينوش مواجه شدم و قتي تماس گرفتم و وقت اپويتمنت گرفتم در ظرف چند روز به من وقت دادند و زماني كه مراجعه كردم با كادر دفتري بسيار مهربان و خوش برخورد و فارسي زبان روبرو شدم و متوجه شدم كه كليه لوازم معاينه و أفيس از مراتب بالايي مي باشد و بهترين ازمايشات و معاينات اوليه را انجام دادند و زماني كه با دكتر برخورد كردم ديدم دكتر با اينكه جوان و خنده رو و خوش برخورد مي باشد در اسرع وقت براي من وقت عمل ليزر بدون بخيه انجام داد و بعد از دو ماه ان چشمم را..و مرتب كادر انجا براي معاينات بعد از عمل پيگير مي شدند من از بيست سالگي هم مشكل استيگمات و هم ضعيف بودن چشم را داشتم و تا بحال كه شصت سالم هست هميشه عينك استفاده مي كردم و بدون عينك قدمي را نمي توانستم بردارم ولي ايشان بر خلاف پزشكان ديگر كه توصيه مي كردند در موقع عمل با هزينه بالا و جدا برايتان لنز گذاشته تا ديگر احتياج به عينك نداشته باشيد ايشان انجام داد بدون گرفتن يك سنت و الان چشمام از ديد فوق العاده ايي برخوردار هست بدين وسيله ميخواستم از دكتر طينوش تشكر كرده و به كساني كه با اين مشكل مواجه هستند تجربه خودم را آرائه بدم
Fay Taheri
09:23 01 Jan 20
He is a wonderful doctor. Very knowledgeable and genuinely concern about patient health. He is gentle and makes you feel calm.Thank you Dr Tinoosh
Noushin Haghighi rad
00:00 31 Dec 19
Dr. Tinoosh is very professional and knowledgeable. My mom had different surgeries with him and we are truly happy with the results. We highly recommend him. The staff is really nice and caring.
Sonny Koo
01:25 11 Dec 19
Fairy Gramma
00:32 04 Dec 19
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Welcome to Universal Vision Medical Center

We are one of the fastest growing and most trusted LASIK eye surgery centers in the Southern California area. Our founding surgeon Dr. Tinoosh is one of the most highly skilled and regarded physicians in the field. With over 40,000 successful procedures and one of the lowest rates in secondary treatment in the nation, we can ensure that you will find our expert surgeons and professional staff will give you the vision you have always wanted. After refining his surgical skills at a high volume LASIK center, Dr. Tinoosh wanted to give his patients a more personal care. Therefore, he founded Universal Vision Medical Center to provide great care and created to keep everyone informed about the procedures and options available to everyone. Dr. Tinoosh evaluates and follows-up with every patient directly and personally. Both pre and post-operative care are performed directly so to ensure optimal care. ‘Treat Every Patient Like Your Own Family’ goes beyond Dr. Tinoosh, it extends to his staff as well.

Dr. Tinoosh was awarded the Centurion Surgeon and Quality of Vision award for his superior quality and expertise in the refractive surgery field.

Dr. Tinoosh completed his residency at the prestigious Kresge Eye Institute in Michigan where he refined his surgical and medical skills. He attended medical school at Wayne State University, School of Medicine in Michigan and completed an internship at the Detroit Medical Center. Further, Dr. Tinoosh has published several medical publications and abstracts over the years. He has also given lectures on refractive surgery nationally and abroad to other physicians.

Dr. Tinoosh has successfully completed and received several certifications, such as the Nidek and VISX Excimer Laser Systems. In addition, he has extensive experience with the Amadeus, Nidek, Haqnsatome and Moria Microkeratomes. Dr. Tinoosh has received certification on the Verisyse Phakic Intraocular Lens System; this system is for patients who do not qualify for LASIK. Furthermore, he has received certification for Conductive Keratoplasty (CK): a procedure that corrects near vision giving patients freedom from reading glasses.

Dr. Tinoosh is one of the first refractive surgeons in California to become a special certified surgeon and to perform the WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser treatment on his patients. This procedure reshapes the cornea to address both lower and higher order aberrations; therefore, he treats more than just one prescription. The main goal in using WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser treatment is to give patients the highest quality of vision possible.